The basis of our company is the processing of stainless steel plates according our customerĀ“s requests to high quality profiles and complex welded constructions.

Our goal is steady growth and expansion of our market position by constant enhancement of our core competences.

Our identity is shaped by the external appearance, a cooperative management style, the creativity of our staff and the fair partnership with our customers.

Our strategy: the implementation of our customerĀ“s special requirements by our highly qualified and motivated staff, to provide the best possible advantage in the market in terms of quality and speed.


Why the Elephant?

Just like the Elephant we have to stand with our feet firmly on the ground.

Just like the Elephant we need a long trunk, to stick our nose into all the things that matter to us.

Just like the Elephant we need big ears, to hear even the grass grow if necessary.

The Elephant is the symbol for strength, wisdom and power and it is the keeper of the cardinal points.